Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wooden Entry Doors

One of the most luxurious types of doors, style and elegance to your interior mahogany and external. Is made primarily of wood mahogany this. It is one of the most expensive and demanded a variety of wood at the global level and famous for the pink shade it has. Mahogany wood is also known for durability, and the change in the shade of pink to brown blood that you get with age. Also, the mahogany wood is one smooth, and less texture on the surface. Mahogany Doors, no lines or circuits must often seen on the doors of most of the pine. And these doors can easily last up to 25 years without losing its luster and beauty.

What makes this stand out from the rest?

I have been known for years Mahogany advantages that can be provided. Here is a look at some of the most common features that the home can benefit from the installation of Mahogany Doors:

Types of wooden pattern:

Here are some of the most common types of wooden door, the famous entry of all times:

1. Mahogany wooden doors:

We all know that is a mahogany and a variety of wood, the best that is available for doors that are the very best. The distinctive feature about the mahogany entry doors, wood is that it usually comes in three shades; pink light brown blood red, or brown and red and a mix of brown and dark brown and pink. Brownish doors are made of mahogany wood, red mahogany old has not changed its color from brown to reddish-brown and pink, while those made from pink-brown wood that has been recently obtained from trees. And usually better mahogany doors by people who are looking for an elegant look that neat.

2. Wooden doors

Fir wooden doors have recently become popular (in the 1990s). Fir entry doors, wooden doors in comparison Mahogany is lighter in weight and quality alike. Preferably these are usually the doors by people who are looking for an intelligent solution in less prices. These doors are relatively less expensive, and can remain for years 5-10 if you care correctly.

3. Oak wooden doors

Similar to mahogany, oak and needs no introduction! It is one of the most appreciation of the forest. Has been used doors made of oak wood entry over the years and that is durable enough to last century. And can evaluate the robustness of the fact that more than 100 years old oak entry age of the doors are still sold in markets and antique doors. Can be obtained on the doors of Oak in different colors, but the most popular color of the oak and dark brown.

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