Monday, December 21, 2009

Abstract Art - The Perfect Statement

Purchasing Modern Abstract Wall Art online may, initially, seem like an easy task. Indeed, the actual ordering process is very easy. What is not so simple, is making a choice! There is a huge selection of Modern Abstract Wall Art available, and there are many considerations to be made before making your final choice. For example, you should consider the color scheme and style of the room you wish to hang the Oil Painting, or print, in. It is vital to select a Canvas that compliments your existing décor, as well as your own personal taste. You may find that you enjoy a certain Canvas, yet it may not be appropriate, either because of color or style, for the room you wish to hang it in.

Modern Abstract Wall Art is ideal for modern homes, and is highly diverse. It would be difficult not to find a Canvas, which is not capable of beautifying the room, and reflect something of your own character and lifestyle. Abstract Art is highly personal, due to the fact it is representational of the emotional and spiritual responses, we have to the world around us. Many collectors find that a certain style of Abstract Art, or Artist, greatly appeals to them. This is because they relate to the world in a similar way to that particular Artist. The style they enjoy being capable of reflecting both their own aesthetic preferences, as well as their emotional responses. Because, in a modern world, we are free to express our diversity, Modern Abstract Wall Art has become highly popular. Through Abstract Art, individuals can depict more than the physical world around them. They are able to express how they feel about that world, and where better than to do this, than in you own home?

Expressing and recording what we see, in some shape or form, is instinctive to us. Even during prehistoric times, people would decorate their 'homes' with Art. Cave walls would be used to visually record the natural world around them, and their experiences within that world. The 'Art' was simple, conceptually. However, the instinct to surround ourselves with it was not so different then, in comparison to now. Throughout history, Art has always played a huge role in our lives, recording every milestone since civilization began. Today, many people revel in ability to purchase a wide collection of diverse Modern Art. That is the greatest development within Modern Art, the absolute freedom to express ourselves as individuals, through a varied choice of medium. Among all the great developments, there is little, which achieves this more profoundly, than Modern Abstract Wall Art.

Traditional Art is no less valuable to society, simply because we have diversified upon it. To enjoy Modern Abstract Wall Art, does not mean we dismiss the value of traditional Artworks. The beauty, sensitivity, and craftsmanship of the great masters will always have its appeal and respect among collectors. Abstract Art reflects our introduction to a different level of consciousness. To dismiss what we were before, is to confuse what we are now. We cannot gauge where we stand today, if we dismiss the road we already traveled. To do this, is to dismiss our experiences, and in doing that, we actually remove one of the most important concepts within Contemporary Abstract Art. That is, a spiritual and emotional awareness of who we are, where we stand, and the way we respond to the physical world around us. After all, everyone has their role to play in history.

Abstract Art is, because of this, is a highly evolved Art form. It focuses on our emotions, the unconscious thoughts and feeling we experience as human beings, living in a modern world. By understanding Abstract Art, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. When choosing Modern Abstract Wall Art, it is important to rely on your instincts. If it appeals to you aesthetically, if it moves something emotionally within you, and creates a response, it should be considered. After this, there are the practical considerations, with regards to color and size. Modern society is a diverse one, and Abstract Art reflects that. In your own home, you have the freedom to choose what appeals to you, and the individual you are. There is no better way to accomplish that, than through the medium of Modern Abstract Wall Art.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Selling Art - Believe in Your Endeavour

Being totally original is not really important in the beginning of your endeavour to be a good artist.

However...believing in yourself is.

There are so many artists out there who feel they haven't passed the audition, because they have not yet discovered their true voice or originality.

Therefore, they tend to keep their art out of sight or closely guarded (some never even get started).

The desire for believing in yourself has to be stronger than the desire to be original in order to get your work in the public eye.

Don't wait to be original... originality can wait.

Why do I favour this theory?

Well... because I was one of those artists who boarded up the walls and doors, and worked in search of perfection, a voice and originality... only to discover that it was simply a lack of belief in my ability as an artist that was really holding me back.

I then glued myself to the belief; that despite my progress (or lack of) at that time, Nobody can do what I do the way I do it.

Well, perhaps they terms of practicality.

But the true principal was that nobody could do it with such passion, vigor or with a deeper explanation than me... therefore it was my own... it was original because I believed in it now.

In addition to that, I found a voice that was kind of like... barking over my shoulder...

"Don't wait for validation or approval. You don't need permission - give yourself permission"


I receive emails from artists all around the world who tell me that I have inspired them to come out of the dark and start showcasing their art. I don't mention this to boast because that is not my intention at all.

I only mention it to reinforce the point that there are many artists waiting for permission, so to speak.

The thing is... it really isn't a strange concept or hard to imagine that there are artists like that out there.

Especially when you consider that there are many people working a job that makes them completely unhappy, not realising that they are more than likely waiting for permission (from who?) to pursue a new career in order to get on with living a life of self-expression instead of drudgery.

It's this knowing I have in regards to many artists stuck at the starting gate that lent me to the idea of promoting, "Don't wait for "that" day"

Tell the ego to "hush it" for a while and practice the art of believing in yourself, because you know you want to, you are allowed to and you must do in order to completely live a life of self expression.

Power to you and your art!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oil Painting - One of the Greatest Gift Ideas

An oil painting is an expression on canvas that can reflect many things, from real life to abstract, and it one of the greatest gift ideas. Painting in oil is an almost lost art medium in the burgeoning digital age. Contrary to popular belief, painting in oil does not require that the artist to be a professional. Rather oil is a medium that is malleable, making it fun - even if it’s not always the easiest medium to use.

Where to Find Oil Paintings

An oil painting can be purchased for many occasions and does not have to be expensive. Depending on the size of the painting, its age, and the artist who painted it, oil paintings can range in price and value. Original oil paintings can be found in shows, such as at an artist expo, from a private dealer or at an antique auction. Original oil paintings can even be found online.

A Great Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas is a time of giving. Why not give a gift that will be fully appreciated? Whether you commission a painting to be done by an oil painting artist or decide to paint one yourself, an oil painting is one of the greatest Christmas gift ideas for a wife or other significant woman in your life such as a mother, a sister, a daughter or a best friend. Find out what she likes – landscapes, portraits, still life, modern art or another style and contact an oil painting artist who specializes in that particular form.

Have it Commissioned

An oil painting artist will usually charge a bit more for an original oil painting, however, the cost may be worth it to have a painting that will become a Christmas gift for your wife that she will never forget. Discuss your preferences with the oil painting artist and even consider bringing elements from your home or other things that hold meaning and have the artist incorporate them into the original oil painting they create for you. When you commission a painting, the oil painting artist is paid to create an original work that reflects your choices and style, so make sure you take part in the creative process as much as possible

Do it Yourself

If you decide to create an original oil painting yourself as a gift idea, keep in mind that perfection is probably not the best goal for a beginner. Rather, strive to be true to your creativity. While a portrait may be a more difficult challenge, painting a landscape or still life is generally not seen as difficult (even if you, the oil painting artist, have little or no previous experience.)

Where to Find Supplies

Supplies such as a canvas and frame, oil paints, brushes and other necessities can be purchased at any art store for much less than it would to commission an original oil painting as a Christmas gift for your wife. If you decide to commission an original oil painting as a Christmas gift for your wife, make sure to find an artist in enough time to complete the project before the holiday.

When deciding whether or not you will commissions an original oil painting as a Christmas gift for your wife or if you will be the original oil painting artist yourself, consider the cost and then think about the meaning, which will most likely be more priceless than the original oil painting itself.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The World of Sand Art Bottles

Among many of the other things available online that are unique and are results of beautiful craftsmanship there are also some products maybe some of us either never heard about or are amazed to find out the amount of time that are put into them. Some of these products might include things like hand crafted glass jewelry, glass blowing and sand art! All these products have some sort of a history that goes way back. Take hand crafted glass jewelry for example, this art has been used in Jordan and Mesopotamia as far back as 4500 BC and 3000 BC! Hand blown glass has been around since middle of the last century B.C. Sand art was born in Petra Jordan back in the 1920s or earlier.

Sand art is the creation of different colored particles of sand in a bottle. These creations are absolutely stunning to say the least. And, the amount of time it takes as well as the amount of passion that goes into making these pieces of art is incredible. I watched a video on someone making one of these sand art items and the whole time my mouth was just gaping open. I couldn't believe the way the "picture" just appeared inside the bottle.

If you get a chance to watch something like this, take the time to sit down and really pay attention because chances are you're going to be pretty amazed at the end product! In fact, if you want to you can try YouTube and search for "Sand Art" and then look for a video by user "Thamir78". There are a few different variations of sand art, but the one I want you to take a look at is the ones that are done in decorative bottles!

The people that specialize in making this sort of sand art have perfected their skills; they know exactly how to "draw" in the sand so that certain objects appear such as mountains, sunsets, or animals, as well as which colors to mix and where they should place the sand. The only tool used in this art is a funnel. They have different "pictures" that were developed in different countries. For example, the camel sand art was created in Aqaba, Jordan in 1940, the reindeer however, was developed for Switzerland, and the dolphin and palm tree was born in Devon England.

I also caught one sand art piece that really caught me by surprise. I'm very partial to Picasso and Van Gogh in general so when I see anything that involves those two artists it always catches my attention. This sand art creation was Tete d'une Femme Lisant by Picasso. And I can tell you right now it was almost an exact replica of the original! This one was of course born in Italy!

Sand art has a type of artist called a "Sand Gallery Senior Artist" and the people that are lucky enough to have this high ranking title are just a handful of people. The Senior Artist can make absolutely anything out of the sand, they are the creme de la creme! The Senior is also one of the few sand artists that are willing to share some of the age old secrets of creating a sand art piece as well as sharing knowledge about the process.

The reason you will only find a handful of sites that do this, is because there are only a small handful of people that do this! I hope you enjoy learning more about this beautiful art!