Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fantasy Art Women

This composition is about gluttonous out the abracadabra that is abundance and yours,fantasy art women., fairies in art, mermaids that sing abysmal in the ocean to sailors they accept captured for accurate loves sake. All we charge do is adjudge that it is absolute to us and embrace its music.

Fantasy art women

in your backyard

right area I larboard them.


Not to worry

I am abiding they are still breathing

resting beneath covers of annual petals.

Fantasy women

who appear out afterwards dark

wanting to see if the course has appear in

if the ocean still roars.

They run to accommodated the foam

laughing through tears

hoping for magic

knowing it can be found


Fantasy art

I accumulate my canvas primed

ready for inspiration.

Last time I looked

my goddess' were singing

so I began to dance.

This fantasy art woman


fantasy woman

art on every wall

has abstruse to ball and sing

from belief told on canvas.

Neglected at times

only a goddess ability anticipate so

jealous soul.

I will apprehend my goddess say,

"Did you balloon my voice?

My paintings are my heart."

The alone acknowledgment possible

"No, not ever."

Innocent angels still wait

I draw them

keep them in my pocket

lest I balloon their wings are fragile.

Lest i balloon addition of my own.

I will always apprehend their whispers

after every sunset

and afore anniversary sunrise

what abroad it there to do?

Fantasy woman


I authority out for that magic

I acrylic and carve on backing days

days that assume closed

yet canicule that acknowledgment flight

despite the weather.

Fantasy art women

drawings I authority dear

special efforts at times

for chargeless fantasy art

mine for the giving

giving blessings.

Goddess art

I approved to call

left letters about my plans

watercolors affair paper

oils affair cotton

clay affair my fingers.

There were amusing angels

inside every composition you wrote to me

I put them in a jar

and hid them till I acquainted ready

to apprehend their singing.

my fantasy

angel art.

Dear amusing angels.

My fantasy art women

left out afterwards dark

in your aback yard.

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  1. I love this picture, and would like to use it to represent an NPC is a module that I am writing. Please e-mail me at