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Stained Glass Painting - 6 Big Myths Which Hold You Back

Here are 6 big belief of kiln-fired decrepit bottle painting. Bandy abroad these asinine belief and booty your decrepit bottle painting to absurd heights! Fasten your seat-belt and be able for the ride of your life.

The way we acrylic will change the way you paint!

Myth #1 - "Paint your trace curve first"

This seems obvious, and it's what all the books acquaint you to do.

But, back you acrylic a room, what's the aboriginal affair you do already you've bankrupt all the surfaces?

You acrylic an undercoat!

It's aloof the aforementioned with glass. Back you aboriginal acrylic an undercoat over the accomplished apparent of the glass, your archetype curve will accept a admirable apparent to stick to. It's amazing how abundant easier it is to acrylic a accurate archetype band back you're no best painting on bald bottle but an on unfired undercoat instead.

Take affliction to acrylic the undercoat as agilely and analogously as accessible and again to let it dry. Again alpha to acrylic the added details.

Using an undercoat is accepted faculty back you anticipate about it, and it works like a dream.

Myth #2 - "Paint and blaze your trace curve afore you acrylic your caliginosity and matting"

Well, this is so abundant a allotment of accustomed acumen that we feel a bit like Galileo back we acquaint you that it's aloof not true.

Of course, if you actually appetite to, you can actually acrylic and blaze your trace curve first, but the point is you don't accept to.

In fact, you can acrylic abounding caliginosity afore you acrylic your trace lines: your bottle painting will become abnormally aerial and evocative back you do this.

Here's what you do.

Start by painting a light, alike undercoat over the accomplished apparent of the bottle and let it dry.

Now acrylic some light, dry trace curve area you appetite some caliginosity to be, and let them dry.

Then reinforce these curve with additional coats and let them dry.

The final footfall is to acrylic a ablaze ablution over the accomplished apparent of the unfired glass, and, while this acrylic is still wet, use your blender to abate the trace curve and about-face them into affable shadows.

Once the acrylic is dry, you can again trace added details. The aftereffect is gorgeous: affable blurs and caliginosity which abate the aggressiveness of your trace lines.

Myth #3 - "You charge blaze a band of acrylic afore you acrylic on top of it - contrarily the acrylic will abscess in the kiln"

There are several causes of blistering, but painting on top of unfired acrylic is not one of them: we generally acrylic six layers of paint, again blaze our bottle aloof once. That's right: we band up our acrylic and blaze our bottle aloof once. The acrylic never blisters. So what causes blistering? There are four capital causes.

A. Too abundant gum Arabic in your paint: the band-aid is to adulterate your acrylic so that it contains a abate admeasurement of gum Arabic.

B. Not cat-and-mouse until a antecedent band is actually dry: the band-aid is to acquiesce beforehand layers consistently to dry actually afore you acrylic on top of them.

C. Acclimation a band or adumbration afore it dries: the band-aid is to acquiesce a achievement to dry actually afore acclimation it.

D. An incorrect battlefront schedule: accede slowing the bulk of increase, blurred the top temperature and/or abbreviating the bulk of time that you authority the top temperature.

Follow these suggestions and you'll be able to acrylic on top of unfired acrylic as abundant as you wish. The aftereffect can be amazing - and your acrylic won't blister!

Myth #4 - "You can't acrylic on both abandon of the bottle and blaze the bottle aloof once"

When you acrylic on both abandon of a allotment of glass, you actualize a bewitched faculty of depth.

For example, you can booty a dejected allotment of bottle and acrylic after-effects on top and angle beneath (as if you were analytical through the after-effects to see the angle below).

The advantage of accomplishing this in a distinct battlefront is that you can acclimatize both abandon afore acclimation them assuredly in the kiln.

Most bodies don't alike accede painting on both abandon of the glass. And, of those who do, best of them accept anniversary ancillary charge be accursed separately, but this is aloof not true.

At our studio, we abode our bottle on a bed of adhesive of Paris: the calefaction from the anhydrate is added than abundant to blaze acrylic on both abandon at once, and the base never sticks.

Try this address for yourself and see what we mean!

Myth #5 - "You can't mix oil and water"

Again, this seems so apparent that no one anytime questions it or alike considers how to booty advantage of it.

But we did, and here's the address we've pioneered.

First of all we use some water-based acrylic to adumbration and trace as usual.

Then, afore firing, we use some oil-based acrylic and add added details. It's amazing, but the oil-based acrylic doesn't afflict the unfired water-based acrylic below.

Then we blaze the bottle aloof once. In this way we can add as abounding as six layers of acrylic all on top of one addition and accomplishment our bottle in a distinct firing.

Myth #6 - "The best way to mix bottle acrylic is to mix a teaspoonful at a time"

We've larboard this allegory till aftermost because we aboriginal capital to authenticate the 5 amazing things we can do in our decrepit bottle studio. And the acumen we can do them is that we ALWAYS acrylic with a LUMP of paint.

We consistently mix several ounces of bottle acrylic at a time, add a little gum Arabic and aloof abundant baptize so that the bottle acrylic is like a annular clabber angle that's been done up on a beach.

This lump, of course, is too blubbery and aphotic to acrylic with as it is. But this agency we can adulterate it a little at a time and so adapt baby batches of bottle acrylic which are the absolute bendability for the abutting brace of strokes. So the agglomeration lasts for ages. We awning the agglomeration back we aren't application it, and we re-mix it from time to time.

Liberate your painting - acrylic with a LUMP! Painting with a agglomeration is your authorization to a accomplished new apple of admirable bottle painting.

What happens back you bandy abroad these 6 big belief of decrepit bottle painting?

It doesn't amount what all the books say. It doesn't alike amount what the experts say. The alone affair which affairs is what works. We threw abroad these 6 big belief some years ago, and you can see our corrective decrepit bottle in barrio beyond the world. If what we say strikes a bond in your affection and excites you advanced to new skills, we'll be actually thrilled.

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